Q. GENERAL / What areas do you cover?

Most of California! My center of operations is near Pismo Beach, on California’s beautiful central coast, but I love a road trip! With a modest travel fee, I’m happy to load up my lovely Explorer, roll the windows down and head south to the greater Los Angeles area (home away from home), or up to the greater bay area (where I was born!) and almost anywhere in between. I’m also happy to travel nationally and internationally, with all expenses covered. Who doesn’t love to traipse across the world?! And yes, I use words like ‘traipse’, lol.

Q. GENERAL / Why do some images on your site say “American Photographic”?

American Photographic used to be the name of my company, but I re-branded, and I’m slowly but surely replacing all the images with my current brand.

Q. GENERAL / Do you offer photobooths?

I don’t currently offer my own photobooths to rent, but I’m happy to book a photobooth company on your behalf! I even know a few!

Q. WEDDINGS / Do you photograph weddings?

Hell yeah, I do! I love to photograph weddings. You can see my wedding work here.

Q. WEDDINGS / OK, so we’ve seen that you’re awesome and take great photos, but what exactly do we get if we hire you to shoot our wedding?

You’ll get lots of attention to detail, some corny jokes and a sense of confidence that you’ve hired the right guy!

Before the big day, we’ll talk a lot, learning about each other and what your needs and wants are. I’ll share some useful documents and links with you, get all your questions answered and iron out all the details. We’ll have a lovely engagement session and maybe even lunch afterwards!

On your big day, I’ll spend most of the time taking very beautiful pictures of you, your family and your friends! But the rest of the time, I’ll be helping the timeline stay in motion, laughing and joking with your bridal party and guests and helping you with anything you need help with. As for what I shoot? My job is to see the big picture, the smallest details, the emotion of the moment and everything in-between, and then tie it all together into something you’ll cherish the rest of your lives.

And it doesn’t end there! I’ll send you a super fun sneak peek the day after (so you can give those impatient Aunties something to hold them over until the big reveal) and we’ll likely chat a couple times as I finish editing your images. And when all is said and done, hopefully everyone loved what I did so much that we become friends! I mean, how awesome would it be to have an amazing photographer as your homie? Pretty awesome.

In all seriousness, documenting your wedding is an incredibly important responsibility and I take it very seriously, but also with a twinkle in my eye. 😉

Q. WEDDING / Who, exactly, will be photographing our wedding?

You’ll get two photographers, me and one of my associate photographers. You can trust that my associates will deliver great images as well! They’re fantastic shooters with many weddings under their belt. We’ve all worked together for years – no beginners or strangers here! We’ll also bring along a lighting assistant, who carries lots of things and makes it possible for your photographers to focus on what’s most important – photographing your wedding. We don’t set limits for time on the big day either, so you don’t have to stress about hours. Our job is to tell your story, from beginning to end and that means we’re there with you from the start until the guests leave! And yes, you can definitely invite us to the after party, lol.

Q. WEDDING / How many images will you deliver after the wedding?

I average anywhere from 500-1500 images per wedding, but it really depends on a bunch of different things, like how large your wedding is, what happens during your ceremony (religious traditions, processions, etc) and your reception (speeches, garter toss, ceremonial tea, dances/performances, etc). I believe in quality over quantity but I definitely don’t place limits on how many images I deliver to you – as long as a shot looks amazing, I’ll include it.

Q. WEDDING / When will we see our final images?

Your final gallery of beautiful imagery from one of the most important/exciting days in your life will be ready within 3 to 5 weeks, sometimes even sooner. It depends on how large your wedding was and/or how many other amazing clients have hired me during that time. And when they’re ready, I can deliver them to you via a link to an online gallery, or we can have a fun in-person get-together for the unveiling of your images – it can be just you and me (and any dogs, cats, kids or goldfish), or we can invite a few of your closest friends and family to enjoy a small showing with hors d’oeuvres and drinks and everyone can re-live all those special moments together!