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Howdy! My name is Namu (sounds like fondue). Super glad to have you here on my website! I’m a Bay Area-born, West Virginia-raised photographer based on the central coast. I’ve lived in California nearly my entire adult life, but I’ve explored a few corners of the world. I’m also a published, award-winning photographer! And by “published”, I mean a photo I took of rapper Mistah F.A.B. was published uncredited in a 1990s issue of The Source hip hop magazine, and by “award-winning”, I mean my son has given me several “Best Dad!” awards, lol. But never fear, in spite of a dearth of awards and published works, I’m a talented, experienced photographer who has created hundreds of thousands of beautiful photographs for thousands of clients all over California.

As a photographer, I have one major goal: I want to do such a good job for you that you can’t help but talk about me to all your people! You know, because you loved the photos I created, you laughed at my jokes and you think I’m an awesome person. 😀

With almost two decades of experience, I’m particularly good at making people feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable, which results in very natural photos that clients are really happy with. Even people who normally hate having their photograph taken often say they enjoyed shooting with me. Makes me happy. 🙂

Some fun facts: 

I’m ridiculously in love with sushi. Like, a lot. Too much, probably. OK, I might have a problem with sushi.

– I was a nightclub bouncer/head of security for a decade, and discovered my love of photography during that time period.

– “Namu” is my real name, on my birth certificate and everything. It was my grandfather’s nickname when he was growing up in India.

– I’m pretty good at competitive dodgeball, in spite of being old as dirt.

– My kiddo is three times as cute as I am, and I’m pretty damned cute.

– I was a rapper in my twenties and during my rap career I opened up for KRS-One, Lil’ Kim, Salt N’ Pepa, Common and hundreds of other acts you’ve probably only heard of if you’re really into 90s hip hop.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you! Are you ready to get some beautiful photographs? I’d love to speak with you! You can reach me on the phone, through email or on video chat. Let’s get after it!